Maximise online-sales opportunities

Potential customers from different parts of the world will be able to communicate with your company with just one click, giving you a higher probability of higher incomes.

Companies from different industries trust Vozy for efficient communications

Begin relationships with customers on a great note

Your customers may call you anytime and they want you to answer. With Vozy’s Click-to-Call your callers can reach you directly from your website. Happy customers mean greater caller retention and greater business revenue and increased business prospects.

While your clients interact with the page, they can communicate with your teams and in this way to know in depth the services that it offers.

Offer a free callback and close the sale

Never leave anyone waiting on hold again. Vozy ClickToCall has a call-back option that works by inviting the visitor to leave a number to be called back within less a minute. While it shouldn’t be the only way to get in touch with the company, a call-back widget gives users a quick way to hear back from a company without going through the phone connection options.

CallBack button works on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, without requiring the customer to download or install anything.

Flexible configuration & customization

You can choose the style of the button to display, the color, the position, call filters and schedules to match your corporate web presence. Set up conditional call forwarding and build your own call handling logic to stay more connected with online community.

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