Smart authentication and fraud prevention

Offer more security, more confidence and reduce costs in your customer service.

The potential of Voice biometrics

Voice Biometrics technology uses and maps your customer voice as a unique identifiable biological characteristic across any channel, being an innovative, frictionless, and highly secure alternative for user verification in real-time digital transactions or fraud prevention and detection.

We provide companies with a combination of authentication choices to help them delight customers while simultaneously providing the highest levels of security. This is why several organizations use our solutions to reduce costs while keeping customers happy and their accounts safe.


Avoid fraud with wide smart compatibility

Our Voice biometric model, capable of creating a user profile with almost absolute certainty, is compatible with other software and tools to help you identify your customer and prevent fraud by simply using their voice.

Gain real productivity

Improve your agents’ experience with greater collaboration between people and machines by facilitating repetitive tasks such as authentication processes or access control through the recognition of voice patterns.

Get more insights for better personalization

Considered one of the key elements in the customer experience, enterprises use Vozy’s biometric solution to eliminate the frustration associated with long login processes or lost credentials and offer a more personalized experience personalized powered by artificial intelligence.

New normality in Collections: Automation with AI

Customer Stories: COVID-19 Time Collection


Only in Latin America, cyberattacks and threats to digital transactions increased 80% in the first months of 2020.


On average, more than 62% of e-commerce transactions are carried out through digital media between January and July 2020.


77% of digital consumers in Latin America expect their information to be protected.


For 98% of executives in Latin America, offering security in digital transactions is a priority.

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