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Provide your client with a better reception with a auto attendant service

Be sure every call to your business is answered and routed efficiently with a virtual receptionist. Incoming callers are greeted with a professional greeting you record, callers can route themselves based on menu choices you define.
virtual receptionist
Show always a professional image with a virtual receptionist

Vozy's virtual receptionist service delivers an office phone system that will help build a more professional image for your business. Adding an automated greeting to an on-site business phone system is incredibly costly.

With Vozy Virtual Receptionist option you can promote a larger, more professional business image to callers, well before even actually speaking to them on the phone.

Improve call navigation with auto attendant

Direct your calls to different areas of your business with your virtual receptionist. Simply create your recording and then setup the menu, like “Thank you for calling ABC Company, press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts or 0 to speak with someone in our team”. It’s so easy to do.

Vozy Virtual Receptionist is an effective call management tool that can be customised to meet your company’s needs.

Create a simple call flow menu, advanced rules for calls to specific phone numbers, or even a multi-level virtual receptionist menu. Improve customer experience at the first point of contact with a reliable call answering service.

auto attendant
Custom greetings for branding & sales promotions

Auto attendants also help to build client relationships when used creatively. Custom recordings can also be updated continuously to help drive sales and promote new products. Vozy make it easy to upload audio files such as WAV and MP3 to your virtual receptionist.