Analyze every conversation, every action and boost your team performance

Give your agents the ability to understand the voice of your customers and have the right answer, at exactly the right time.

Get deep interactions insights to see your business as your customers do

When your customers are connecting more with you in your digital channels, It is crucial to understand what that interactions look like across all of them. Taking action requires deep learning of what customers are telling you, and companies today don’t always know how to get real value from the data they collect. That’s when we come in. 

Vozy solution provides speech analytics to your agents to anticipate client intent while calls are in progress, so they can optimize customer engagement, deliver unprecedented efficiency, and provide frustration‑free experiences that stand out from competitors.


Speech analytics platform

Real-time analytics

Our AI-powered platform enables customer service agents and bots to be their best, by providing actionable insights like alerts and recommendations that allow them to anticipate and give the right answer, all in real-time while the customer conversation is in progress. Add value in key moments where you have the opportunity to either close a sale or have customer churn and create experiences your customers will want to repeat. All It Takes is one good word at a good time.

Better agent performance

Vozy helps you to enhance your agent’s performance and productivity. Allow your agents to have effortless interactions with a smarter and directed approach to monitoring their quality and performance. From automated calls auditing to agent coaching on exactly what to say, our platform provides an interactive dashboard that lets you reduce average handle time, boost productivity and efficiency of your agents and teams.

Actionable insights

NO more guesses! Analyze every customer interaction and process large data sets to drive decision making based on what your customers are saying. Vozy speech analytics solution is an effective way to detect trends in real-time and gain insights on key business metrics, leading to increased customer satisfaction.
Help our platform to continuously learn what works and what doesn’t to identify best practices, using the rich data available from all the interactions

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