There is nothing more frustrating than taking the time to call a company, being routed through what seems a legion of options, and then ending up being told: “Your message is very important to us”. If you run a small business, the routing may not be as complex, but the customer frustrations can still be the same. You may even suffer from potential customers hanging up, going elsewhere – and your business just having lost an opportunity that you will now never even know has existed!

Moving onwards and upwards

With line and equipment costs for a traditional PBX operation often high, along with some of the drawbacks of that system in a world where business is conducted in so many places – both actual and virtual – it is surely time for small business owners to search the heavens for inspiration. Or, more accurately, in the clouds.

The advantages of virtual PBX

Using a cloud-based virtual system has many advantages, both in terms of cost and in the ways it can help you and your team to conduct your business anywhere, at any time, and in many ways. Using business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and did (direct inward dial) number technology means you are able to:

  • Access your communications from virtually any location, in a moment, simply by using an internet connection. Members of your team might work from home, or undertake trips to different locations. With this they can always be in communication with you and your customers, even in the occasional road traffic jam or frustrating airport delay!
  • Using a truly flexible system allows you, for example, to have calls to traditional, mobile or internet numbers routed whenever you want to one number – right there in your hand, briefcase, purse or pocket, so that you never miss that vital call. It can also integrate your different methods of communication into a seamless single entity – one that you can amend online and instantly, whenever circumstances change or new needs arise
  • A huge choice of additional services are instantly-available to you and your people. These might range from call recording to conference calls, custom ring tones identifying key people to personal greetings messages. You can kill those constant “engaged” tones or organise email delivery
  • Virtual PBX offers lower set-up and operation charges and the chance to combine all your communication in this simply-managed resource

The benefits of using business VoIP and a virtual PBX

From the advantages of using this system for your small business communications, you can see advances in both productivity and results. No time is lost through delays caused by having different sources – such as separate mobile and landline locations. Current and potential customers gain contact whenever they need it, and are given the impression of a seamless and professional operation.
Your team will learn how to use the system with very little training, and can quickly focus on getting things done for you, rather than forever chasing one message or another – or trying to find where an email ended up. Through all this, you present your operation as being communicationally switched-on and ready for business.