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Accelerate sales productivity, connect with more leads and close more deals

In order to survive and thrive in today’s customer-centric economy, salespeople must adapt their time management skills and sales methodologies. Want to help your salespeople stay organized and focused on activities that lead to sales?
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Be more effective by making more connections not just calls

Make or receive calls the way that you want. Vozy Dialer gives you the option to execute calls from your desktop or right inside your browser, or leverage intelligent call pass through to bridge the connection to your existing mobile or desk phone.

Vozy’s intelligent dialer solution, Local Presence, will automatically match to the best area code you are calling to have more conversations, not just dials.

When you are calling for sales, your first impression is not what you say to customers, It’s not how you articulate your words and it is not how cheerful your voice sounds. Surprisingly, a salesman’s first impression is their Caller ID.

Give reps more time selling with less data entry

Vozy automatically updates all call records directly into your CRM (like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho and more) in real time, ensuring that reporting and recordings are available to the sales rep and their managers.

Save time by calling prospects with the click of a button from inside Gmail, CRM or webpages. Click-to-Dial does the dialing for you, so you can quickly follow up on the fly.

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Get more leads increasing your on-line conversions

Add a convenient and easy way for your customers to contact sales right on your website. With just one click your customers or web visitors can call you from the browser or request a call-back from one of your agents, or from whoever you wish to make the call.

Potential customers from different parts of the world will be able to communicate with your company with just one click, giving you a higher probability of higher incomes.