Neural text-to-speech

Convert text into human-like Spanish speech using machine learning

Whats is Neural Text To Speech?

Neural text-to-speech (NTTS) is a model that uses machine learning technologies to generate synthesized speech from text that sounds like a human voice. Using neural networks, it is now possible to produce very natural-sounding speech that includes different accents in spanish. The natural modulation of our IVA significantly reduce listening fatigue for customers.

Vozy virtual assistant leverages neural text to speech to allow you generate personalized conversational customer experience. We offer more than 10 spanish voices accents, you can select the ideal voice and personalized your speech-enable virtual assistant to give a unique voice for your brand. Build apps and services that speak to users naturally, improving accessibility and usability. 

Our story

For years, we noticed multinational teams spend a lot of time on the phone and cannot focus on important processes. In the other hand, small-medium companies always find a problem when connecting with team members or customers in other countries, as they could not afford big and expensive solutions. We went through many tools and providers who never had a solution with the features each company need. At some point it got personal. We make software. Surely we could do better

Communication softare as it should be

Creating the new way of communication

This relentless passion to innovate has made us a top cloud communication provider in LATAM, and we don’t plan on stopping there. In 2019, we combine artificial intelligence, machine learning, NLP and voice technologies to help companies around the world to transform customer experience and stand out from competitors.

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