With the end of the year, little by little new ways of approaching customer experience, which we previously thought impossible, are clarified. Such is the case of Negozia, a digital credit platform, which now has ease of contact, more effective processes, and a greater number of payment commitments thanks to the implementation and support of Lili Assistant in the collection management.


This is how a rough year is ending in economic and business terms because from a positive perspective, 2020 was an opportunity to test the strategic capacity of businesses that set their goals in the future of transforming traditional models into offers and tools based on artificial intelligence, such as the Vozy solutions.


Like we’ve said before, succeed amid change is one of the objectives that many companies have set throughout this year. Negozia, supported by Lili Assistant, did make it. 


Among the objectives of the digital credit platform for this year were: 

  • To connect and retain in an adequate and pertinent way its clients with easy conversations, to include the work of its collaborators. 
  • Assist their collection management without compromising the relationship with their clients.
  • Recover the past due portfolio that they required to keep their business afloat.


From this perspective, Negozia’s value proposition was set to provide easier, online, self-manageable, and immediately approved financial solutions. One of the alternatives to fulfill its offer and its objectives was the implementation of Lili Assistant; Vozy’s intelligent voice assistant capable of managing collections from clients in arrears, contactless, on the first days of the month (overdue) and remembering the payment to clients with close billing date (preventive).


2020 was definitely a great year for highly digital businesses and the positioning of useful technologies for better interaction with customers. That was the case for Negozia, which, despite this year’s ups and downs, was able to drive its digital transformation improving its customers’ experiences with an automated and easier service without losing the data potential they collect daily in each interaction, all thanks to Lili Assistant.


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