Establish a native presence and increase customer calls with local & tollfree numbers

You are more likely to have local or international leads communicating with your company, expanding your market instantly, increasing your revenue and improving customer satisfaction.

Companies from different industries trust Vozy for efficient communications

Helping you extend internationally

Opportunity to find a loca numbers in any region of the world, this way you can get your customers to communicate to the company in an easy and economic way.

Now even your international customers can feel like you are there and ready to help. They will be able to communicate from a traditional telephone line, facilitating the contact with the cost of a local call.

An international phone number should be your first step to growing your business internationally, you can evaluate how interesting or appealing your product is before you take it to scale.

Increase your brand recognition with vanity numbers

In the same way that a memorable website name drives traffic, a vanity number can help your business be the first choice in a customer’s mind for your product or service.

If prospects can easily remember your phone number, they’re more likely to call you. The return on investment on an easily remembered number can be invaluable, as inbound calls are more likely to translate into revenue than leads generated online.

Add value to your business with local & toll-free numbers

By providing customer service, you can improve the image of a successful and reliable business, allowing your customers and suppliers to communicate with you easly and at no cost.

The entire team can be connected via virtual numbers, which acts on behalf of the users, no matter where they are or where they move. Users have the flexibility to make and receive calls and using any phone number of the company as if they were in the office at all times.

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