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Increase Trust & Familiarity

These days, it’s likely your office is not in the same city as your prospects. Local Presence Dialing lets you establish trust and familiarity with a local phone number to increase answer rates by +30% and connect with more decision makers.

Your remote team without problems, they can work from home, the road or anywhere else and no one is to the wiser. Gone are the days (almost) of huge call centers in cubicles. Your diverse team needs to be everyplace at once.

Increase cold call answer rates and return calls routing

In an outbound calling model the connect rate can be downright when a customer check their phone and sees an unknown caller or toll-free number, that call is likely to get ignored because the customers prefer to not answer a number they are not familiar with.

Customers are most trusting to answer a phone if they see your number as a local call. Vozy Local Presence helps your sales team speak to more prospects.

Sometimes prospects don’t pick up their phone. You can create call flows to route your returned calls to the teams most appropriate having more deals.

Accelerate sales productivity

Vozy’s intelligent dialer solution, LocalPresence, will automatically match to the best area code you are calling to have more conversations, not just dials.

When you are calling for sales, your first impression is not what you say to customers, It’s not how you articulate your words and it is not how cheerful your voice sounds. Surprisingly, a salesman’s first impression is their Caller ID.

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