Debt Collection made simple

Increase the efficiency of debt recovery with conversational AI and build the trust your customers need.

Debt collections powered by Vozy voice AI

Voice AI for a better financial customer experiences

Today’s financial services institutions must deliver tailored experiences that go beyond online banking to boost agent productivity and satisfy customers. Vozy’s voice assistant has the capability to increase debt collection through natural conversations, transforming the way companies interact with customers.
Our Voice Assistant combines Conversational AI with speech analytics in real-time to provide more natural, secure, and intelligent interactions across channels. The Vozy solution ensures seamless integration, simple escalation, and effortless revenue recovery, making it easy for financial customers to have better experiences.

Collections with conversational AI

Personalized and secured transactions

Our Solution verifies the customer identity to provide balance information, remind due dates and help with login information resets.

Automated self-service

Make it easier for your clients to solve issues on their own like: make automatic payments and paperless billing, create a repayment agreement and access alerts.

Better customer Service

Offer your clients the possibility to apply for loans or credit cards, check application status, and receive information on interest rates, all in their own words with the help of a voice assistant.

Automation with AI

Collection in COVID-19 times



The financial industry spends 50% of the time collecting and processing data for automated use.


55% of consumers in the region have a bank account, and more than half of these banked consumers conduct their banking transactions online.


By 2021, 70% of organizations will help their employee productivity by integrating AI into the workplace.

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