Voice Assistants to tackle COVID-19

Reduce missed calls and manage patient requests in real time in their first contact. Let them know you are there to help.

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Voice assistant for COVID-19 self-assessment

The global situation has led people to use more digital channels, thus having higher customer service expectations. Our Voice Assistant has been built to diagnose the symptoms related to COVID-19 using the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

It also maintains fluid conversations in real-time with patients to automate attention, avoid congestion in voice or text channels, and continue to provide a great experience in times of crisis. This allows Health organizations to have customer service at scale while focusing on the most critical cases.


Fight COVID-19 on all fronts

Inform and prevent 

Help your users understand everything about this pandemic. Our Voice Assistant is trained to respond to FAQ and offer preventive information such as symptoms, and special care,   based on data provided by WHO.

Identify and help 

Vozy V.A powered by AI is capable of identifying and defining patients at risk of getting COVID-19 or the ones that  are showing  symptoms. With this information they are transferred to a human agent to schedule  telemedicine attention.

Follow up and monitor

On any channel, at any time, patients can ask for their test results and with the help of a voice assistant they will have an everyday follow-up process to identify the next step to take.

COVID-19: How to improve the customer experience in times of crisis?


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