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Empower your team with a modern enterprise communications experience that’s efficient throughout all devices
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A phone system that goes wherever you go

The way people work is changing all the time and modern organisations that want to stay at the top of their game need to alter their procedures to match. Vozy business can be connected and handle any type of call (incoming or outgoing) using the computer, smartphone, tablet or phone IP. You can manage calls wherever you want!

Mobile Workforce: When your team is in the field, forward calls to their mobile phones. This allows your workforce to stay connected, no matter where they are.

Multiple Locations:Forward incoming calls to all of your numbers, so you never miss a call. Home, mobile, office—you're covered.

For when you're in the same room

Vozy makes working together easier than ever and teams are able to react quickly, be more nimble, and get ahead of your competitors – from anywhere in the world and at any time.

Conferencing: It’s perfect for weekly team meetings, sales training, customer training, project meetings and webinars. Our audio conference service lets you hold conference calls for up to 30 participants.

Instant Messaging: Take part in on-screen text chats with coworkers.

Call recording: Your company can use this feature to verify details of important conversations or to coach employees on how to improve interactions with customers.

Call monitoring: This makes it easy to ensure that your customers always have positive experiences and to train your agents or teams from anywhere in the world.

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Create a professional appearance and make your business sound bigger

With features like hold, mute, blind and warm transfers, you can benefit from enterprise-level functionality directly from your browser.

Call routing: Forward calls to multiple phones in a specific order. The call routing sequential also called find me/follow me, or simultaneous rings all the users phones at the same time.

A warm transfer: is when the one user who is currently speaking with the caller (and wishes to transfer them) speaks with the new agent or coworker about the caller’s problems before the call is transferred.

Music on hold: When you have incoming calls that need to be transferred, you don’t want to leave your customers in silence. Music on hold allows you to program music for your customers to hear, so that they know that they are still connected.


Vozy extension
Ensures that you never miss an important message. Each VoIP extension comes with its own voicemail box, allowing employees to have secure access to messages.
PBX Virtual
Allows you to call anyone in your company just by dialing their extension number, even if they work in different locations.
Virtual phone of calls
Three-way Conferencig
Adding an additional person to your call is as easy as pushing a few keys on your desk phone or mobile phone.
Vozy business phone
Deparments/Ring Groups
Multiple people in a department can receive incoming calls at the same time. If a customer was trying to contact the sales department you could have any number of phones ring at once.
virtual assistant
IVR/Virtual Receptionsit
Use your Auto-Attendant to greet callers and route them to any employee, any department, or any phone in the world.
virtual phone management
Business and Holiday Hour
Receive calls when you want, where you want and how you want with custom business hours. Office Hours refer to your companys call handling rules during and after your company business hours.
Vozy voicemail
Individual and Group Voicemail
Each employee in your organization gets their own mailbox and you can create mailboxes for specific departments or products. Each employee can record their own unavailable greeting.
outgoing calls
Outbound Caller ID
Vozy allows you to customize the most appropriate phone number that displays on outbound calls using any number on your account.
customer interaction
Custom Grettings
Personalized greetings enable you to tailor interactions to your customers’ needs with unique, professional and informative messages.
control of calls
Advanced call control
This feature enables you to take action steps, including transferring calls, adding people to the current call and placing the callers on hold, all while you are in a call.
Vozy's music on hold
Music on Hold
While callers are waiting to be connected to a department or are waiting on hold for the next available representative they can hear music or promotional messages.
fowarding calls
Call Fowarding
Allows you and your employees to be reached on virtually any telephone in the world whether on your cell, in the office or at home.