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Cloud PBX, the gateway to advanced business communications

A Cloud PBX facilitate the business communication without the need for an implementation of hardware, allow all your team to work efficiently, and modernize the functions of their telephone service.
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Affordable and personalized to the business needs.

Cloud based communications are cost effective for your business, as they eliminate the need to pay up-front for heavy and expensive installations. Not to mention the regularly occurring maintenance charges of a traditional phone system.

Forget the limitations of legacy systems. Vozy Cloud Phone empower mobile workers and connect your offices, your customers and your partners, wherever they are located. Communicate anywhere on any device and give your business a communications platform for the future..

A more professional image and scale easily

Your phone system is part of the larger customer experience. It touches all aspects of your company. A cloud phone can enhance this customer experience, and allow your company to fully engage with your customers at key touchpoints along the way.

As a business grows, so does the need to hire new employees, open new offices and onboard new customers. This requires a communications system that can scale up — or down — as the need arises.

With a cloud-based phone system, your business can add as many users as you need to accommodate heightened call volume, or, if necessary, simply deactivate the extra users.

cloud pbx adding users
cloud pbx configuration
It's easy and saves time and resources

Time to value with cloud phone services is quite less than on-site phone services and applications. Not only is implementation time decreased, but the IT resources required to roll out the cloud solution are also significantly less. Not require a large up-front capital investment, nor does it require ongoing maintenance and personnel to manage the system.

Some businesses rely on their systems for critical tasks. Your business cannot risk interruption and downtime when you get a heavy call volume. Redundancy, up time guarantees, and reliability come with using Vozy Cloud Phone.