How to stay productive and be succesful in your work

Do you swear to yourself every night saying “Tomorrow, I will be very productive and get all the stuffs done?” And the next day, always find yourself not feel like working at all? Everyone wants to be productive but it is very hard to stay self-motivated every single day. If it describes you, this article will be the solution that actually works to establish your productive daily routine.


The right mindset plays a great role of establishing the productive daily habits. There are 2 major types of approaches to stay motivated, which are completely different from each other. Depending on your personality, determine which method would work more efficiently for you.

1. Give-Yourself-Rewards Approach

This is the method to motivate yourself by giving small rewards whenever you could follow your plan or achieve something. Being productive does not mean that you have to be stressed out by working after working. If you could successfully finish your job as scheduled, for example, treat yourself with your favorite snack. Scheduling small breaks periodically is also the way to reward yourself so that you can stay focused during work. By rewarding your efforts and hard work, you will be able to establish the good daily routine to stay productive.

2. Make Yourself Always Accountable

If those rewards cannot motivate you enough, this approach may be for you. In this method, you simply try to be always accountable with your work team or other communities. The community, which you are a part of, can help you go through what you are supposed to do because the accountability encourages you to work productively.


When you don’t feel like working and just want to put off the things…

Always Remember “Just Start It”

When the task is hard, has a huge responsibility, or takes a long time to finish, we all tend to put it off. However, once you start it, it is always much easier to continue working. All you need to do is just to start it. I believe most of you have felt the same way when you had to deal with some troublesome tasks. So always remember to start working, even for a few minutes will work, if you just feel like being lazy.



You might have been told this since you were in kindergarten, but I want to say it again here. Scheduling is everything about being productive. If you don’t know what you need to get done, there is no way you can stay focused or motivated. Here are some tips to follow to make the ideal plan for your work.

First, the Clear Goal & Its Deadline

First of all, you need to know the clearly defined goal, and by when you need to complete it. Find out your short-term and long-term goals, and determine the specific deadlines for those goals. The goals can be finishing a project, or boosting the sales by 10%, or anything you are intend to achieve. And always remember, the goals with specific numbers/ details will help you motivate yourself hundreds times more than the vague ones.

Know What Your Next Step to Move Forward

Once you find out the goals, calculate, from the goals, what you need to complete monthly, weekly, and daily. By knowing what you exactly need to do at this moment, you will find it much easier to stay productive. Additionally, the scheduling enables you to avoid running out of time to complete a task and missing the deadline.

Never Make a Unrealistic Plan/ Expectation

Staying productive does not mean that you have to cram your schedule with the unrealistic plans. When you have your expectation too high, you will end up overwhelmed and give up following the schedule. Try to adjust it immediately if you find out that your plan is too crammed after trying it for a few days.



The environment is more important than you may think. Of course the right mindset is the key, but the better environment you put yourself in, the easier for you to improve the productivity.

Remove All Possible Temptations from Your Working Environment

The hardest part of the self-control is to fight with the temptations. Then why not put all those distractions away from you so that you can make it easier for yourself to stay focused? If it is the social medias that district you, turn the notifications off, or hide your personal cell phone. There are many different kind of tools that can help you dealing with the temptations when you are online, which you will find later in this article.

Change the Working Environment Helps You Feel Refreshed

Besides taking a short break, there is one more thing you can do to feel refreshed and keep on working productively. It is moving to the different space/ environment during work. If you are working in the office, it can be another room, the roof top, or even in the different seat in the same room. If you have to stay at your desk to work, then try leaving your desk at least during your short break. Maybe you can go outside for a little while to get the fresh air, which will dramatically increase your productivity later on. And if you are working from home, try working in the different places sometimes; a cafe in your neighbor, a library, or a park could be the good examples.

Keep Personal & Working Environment Separated

If you are working from home, this is the essential one. There are many benefits of working outside of office, including to reduce the stress. However, you cannot stay productive when being too relaxed. To avoid that, you should separate your personal space and working space at your house. Do not ever try to work in the bed or the dining room. Find one space that you will use only for work, it could be a desk in your bedroom, the balcony, or anywhere you prefer. It will help you to shift yourself to “working mode” even if you are at home.

Background Music

Some people may prefer very quiet environment in working. For the others, if you feel tired after working for a couple of hours, the background music can actually help you feel refreshed and be productive. It is proven by a lot of researches that people will stay focused and finish a given task more quickly with the background music. The music with lyrics could be distraction sometimes, but the ones without lyrics will work perfectly.



It is not easy to avoid all the temptations, especially when you are working online. But don’t worry. As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of tools that can help you eliminate the temptations for you. Each one has unique features and characteristics. Here I will introduce some of the tools that I found interesting.

If the Social Media Has Been Bothering You…

[Focus Time] This is the app to track your activity. It will show your progress on the graph, and also remove all the social media notifications from your devices during a certain period of time.

Time Management & Productivity

[Promodoro Technique] This tool will help you not only with the productivity but also your time management. It removes the distractions, schedule short breaks, and establish the good work-life balance. With Promodoro Technique method, you will learn how to “work with time, not against it.”

If Saving the Environment in Real Life is Something Motivating You…

[Forest] Does helping the environment by focusing on your work sound interesting for you? In this app, when you stay focused for a certain period of time, the trees grow in the virtual world. And guess what? Those trees will be planted in the real world. If you are a kind of person who find motivations outside of yourself, this app may be for you.


Motivating yourself to stay productive can be very hard. But with the right approaches and helpful tools, you will soon be able to control yourself and manage your work just like all the successful people. If you have any other advice or idea, share with us in the comment below!



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How working outside of office benefits your company

How working outside of office benefits your company

Many people dream of working from home, but most of them actually do not get to do so. However, going to office every day may no longer be a best style of work. As the technology has been developed, working outside of office became much more realistic and beneficial. Check the benefits of working from home in this article, and it may change your fixed idea about not being at office.

Employees’ Voice

Are employees actually wanting to work outside of their office? Yes they are. According to the survey conducted of more than 500 professionals across companies,

  • Almost 90% of people want to work outside of office at least 1 day/ week.
  • 77.5% believe that flexibility can make them more productive on work.

Not surprising that some employees prefer working from home to getting paid more. It could be a great solution for your business to let employees work from home, at least once a week, in order to increase the employees’ working motivation.

5  Reasons Why Employees Should Work From Home   

There are various benefits of working outside of office proven by the researches. If the followings benefit your company, you should seriously consider letting employees work from home.

Improve creativity

Environment is very important for employees, especially those who are required the creative ideas on their work. Offices may not be the best place for the workers to think outside of box since it’s often flat and makes people miserable to be at. Working outside of office stimulates people in many ways, and help them to be more creative; because the feeling that company is controlling them will discourage themselves to come up with creative problem solving or ideas.

Much easier for employees

If you can work from home, you are no longer stressed out by the morning traffic, or uncomfortable work attires. Working from home might have been difficult a decades ago indeed. Thanks to the development of technology, however, it is much easier and costs much less today. Especially, the VoIP service has been dramatically improved; you are now able to make calls or teleconference from anywhere with very cheap price. Also, VoIP can answer employees’ needs in terms of the devices as well; more than 75% of professionals said that they’d prefer smartphone to desk phone for the business calls. Adopting cloud-based phone service could be a smart move if you’re considering the work-from-home work plan.

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More productivity

Stanford University reported its research result showing that working from home could improve the productivity by 13%. Comparing to the office, home (or anywhere the employee prefers) has much less stress. It can constantly refresh the employee’s brain and mind, and also help them to stay energetic. In addition, the employees will less likely to take sick days off or vacations. Going to the office when feeling sick is terrible, but it is not too bad if he/ she can stay at home. Or staying away from office will less likely to make employees feel that they need vacations. It is all because that they can take a burden off their minds by not being at office.

Stress management

62% of employees feel that their work is stressful, while only 11% thinks that their work-related stress is low. Managing stress from job is necessary not only for employees’ well beings but also for the better job performances. Do you know 5 most common factors stressing the employees?

          1. Unpredictability
          2. Workplace environment
          3. Deadline
          4. Safety of others
          5. The length of workday/ week

By letting your employees work from home, you can get rid of two stressors out of five for them; workplace environment and safety of others. Besides those five factors, interruptions by others is often listed as a stressful components of work. It can be eliminated by working outside of office as well.

Save money

This is simple but if the employees work from home, you, as a business owner, can save money spent on office utilities and supplies.

Alternative Ideas…

Despite of these benefits, not all companies are able to let their employees work from home. Some businesses may require face-to-face meetings every day. If your company is one of them, here is two alternative ideas that can improve the working environment and employees’ motivation.

Meeting at cafe/ rooftop 

One of the easiest ways is to host the meeting outside of the office, such as cafe/ park nearby the office or the rooftop of the company building. Amit Bendov, CEO of SiSense, says that “It’s a great way to get people away from their computer screens. And it provides employees with a safe environment to bring up concerns, a positive atmosphere to brainstorm.” It will have the same effect as working from home in terms of creativity, productivity, and stress management. The employees can appreciate the fresh air without actually taking break from work.

Invest a little money in adding nature to office

If it’s difficult to go outside during the work, spend some money to put the plants in the office. Surrounding yourself with the greens, or have a view of the green spaces, like park or tree, will help you to reduce your stress. Green can improve your mental function, and has similar effect as actually going outside of office at some degree.

Working outside of office will bring the positive results in a number of ways. Especially helpful to support the employees mentally, and as a result, to improve their job performance. Analyze the features of your business to see if it works for your company. Staying away from the office at least once a weekdays may be the best solution to improve your company’s performance.

Working from home started to sound a good idea to you? Check out how VoIP can make it happens…

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Advantages, disadvantages of business VoIP & how to choose the right provider

Cloud-based phone system, more commonly “VoIP,” is named as one of the business strategies, especially for small businesses and startup companies. Is VoIP for you? It is important to know what you can except from the VoIP system to make the right decision for your company.

4 Top Advantages Of Using VoIP

Save money

You will save money, a lot of money, by switching to VoIP. It does not require expensive hardwares or maintenance fees unlike the traditional phone services; phone calls can be made and received through your smartphones or desk phones. According to VirtualPBX, Cloud-based phone system can save up to 80% of your phone bill. The long distance call through VoIP is also much cheaper than traditional phone services.

Great accessibility

Distance and location do not matter at all to VoIP system. When you are in the office, or at home, or even on the other side of the world, you won’t have any difference in communicating with people. This is a greatest advantage if you have clients/ business partners nationwide, or if you are considering to take your company global.

Integration of communication

Cloud-based phone system makes it much easier to share the business tools operating in the cloud. Employees can access to all tools whenever and wherever they want with their personal devices; no matter where they are, they can stay connected. It increases the productivity and the efficiency of the workflow.

Flexible for your needs

In the cloud-based phone system, you will be able to choose the features you need for your company. VoIP allows to convert the signals from traditional phones and forward it as digital data through the internet. You can request to have your own VoIP number, which enables you to receive and make phone calls at anywhere as long as you have internet. Also, not only the phone calls but videoconferencing is available through your VoIP phone. There are so many convenient functions that you can choose from.

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What You Should Consider

It is also essential to know the downsides of VoIP system before making the final decision. 

Reliable internet connection required

You must have reliable internet connection and sufficient bandwidth in order to fully utilize the functions. Without enough bandwidth, some calls may have issues such as lag and delay.

Not for emergency calls

As mentioned earlier, the internet is “must-have” condition for the VoIP phone system. If the power goes out and you do not have the internet connection, you cannot either make or receive calls any longer. Therefore, cloud-based phone system may not be useful in case of emergency.

5 Tips To Choose The Right VoIP Provider 

There is plenty of options available for the cloud phone system. If you have decided to switch to VoIP, here is the list of things you want to know in order to choose the right provider.

1. Do research on technology

It is necessary to at least have a basic knowledge about how VoIP works compared to PBX or other business phone services. You can read books, search on internet, or even ask for the professional advices.

2. Evaluate the features

Assess the features to determine what functions will be beneficial for your company and your specific needs. Before start looking for a provider, make a list of the features you would like to have with the order of priority.

3. Know that all cloud phone systems are NOT the same

Not all providers offer the same services or features. It is important to check as many providers as possible and compare them carefully.  Do not only focus on price; having all the features you need is vital for the business solution.

4. Check compatibility

The system provider do not always offer the network evaluation for you. Do not forget to ask if your existing network will be able to handle the VoIP software.

5. Know what to expect in downtime

People tend to forget to do the disaster planning, but it is essential. Ask what you can expect for the disaster recovery from the provider; and evaluate if you will be able to maintain your business and keep the data safe.

It requires a lot of researches and efforts to find the right VoIP service, but finding the best fit for your company is important for your business success. Make sure that you understand what you can expect in order to fully take advantage of this advancing technology.

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Cloud Based Phone System

The Benefits of VoIP for Business

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Top 10 Benefits of Switching to a Cloud-Based Phone System

Business VoIP – The Benefits, Disadvantages And How It Works


More and more companies are turning to cloud phone systems (Virtual PBX). It is no secret that cloud based services are popular with small businesses, offering hassle free services for entrepreneurs who want to focus on their own areas of expertise. But the new range of virtual PBX systems goes even further – helping companies to save money, expand and grow.
Read on to find out how.

Low start-up costs

A cloud phone system eliminates the need for expensive and bulky PBX telephone networks. Certainly, business owners need to keep overheads low where possible, and virtual PBX is a great way to install a professional phone system at a budget-friendly price.

Added features

By choosing a versatile supplier, you can customise and grow your cloud phone system over time. Add an auto attendant message to greet customers and direct their calls. Likewise, audio conferencing and call recording features are also available, making it easier for small companies to do business with the widest range of clients.

Start small, grow big

There are a range of different monthly packages available, so you can start with a basic subscription and upgrade your service as your business grows. Unlike physical PBX systems, changes can be made almost instantaneously, so you don’t have to wait around for new equipment to be delivered and installed.

Off-site management

With a cloud phone system, all your communication needs are met off-site. This means that you can easily link up with a network of freelancers, or employees based in other parts of the country. Flexible working hours now becoming the norm, virtual telecommunications systems can help your company stay connected wherever you are.

Get an international presence

Virtual PBX can serve offices in any part of the world, generating new telephone numbers to match. Small businesses can start to build an international presence by acquiring overseas phone numbers, or even toll free numbers in other countries, without having to have a physical presence there.

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You may have heard about the potential of business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), or virtual pbx, but are not aware of all the benefits it could bring to your organisation or small business.

How it works

To put it simply, it is a way of taking ordinary landline calls and instead sending them digitally over the internet. This method of calling, if used correctly, could revolutionise your current long distance call plan – particularly good for business trips where roaming charges are a problem, or if you’re building relationships overseas.

Clearer calls

Since VoIP is digital, you should experience clearer, higher quality calls than you’d have with a traditional landline. As long as your broadband connection is able to adequately support VoIP, you should be able to make calls without any interference or hanging.

Lowering your costs

Although it is true that it could save you money, not all calls are free. When calling another VoIP phone, or calling PC to PC, you would not necessarily be charged for the call – however, this changes when you need to call a landline. The charge will depend on your VoIP service provider, and in some cases it may still be cheaper to use your traditional landline call plan, but you could see considerable savings on your calls.


The option of VoIP has become more a more realistic route for businesses in recent years because of the increase in high-speed internet usage, and VoIP providers. Major telephone carriers are also becoming wise to the trend and offering their own call plans with are usually charged either on a monthly or pay-as-you-go basis.

VoIP integration

It can be integrated into your business gradually, or all at once – but it does not have to completely replace your existing landline, as the two can be run in tandem with each other. It only takes a couple of hours to set it up within a small company, and it is simple to operate. In fact, many companies are ditching their traditional landlines altogether in favour of a high-speed digital VoIP service. Some service providers offer a free service adapter which works alongside your modem and traditional phone, while others provide VoIP handsets and headsets.
For small businesses, VoIP can seem like a daunting prospect, but service plans can be tailored to suit your needs so that you only pay for what you use, while optionally still keeping your traditional landline.