Quality control for your company

Level your scalability of your company, with the service of reliable recording and monitoring of Vozy and offers you.

Companies from different industries trust Vozy for efficient communications

Easily capture and save your important calls

hen recording your calls, you can go back and check what worked out and what did not, instead of having to take detailed notes and note some incorrect data by mistake, you can participate in the conversation knowing that you will be able to write down any further details ahead.

Monitor Customer Service Calls and make Quality control

Automatically record calls to help you monitor customer service and solve disputes. You can use these recorded calls as training tools for new employees or to help your existing staff learn what is and is not working in their customer service processes.

Check if your employee communicates with customers appropriately, if there is an inconsistency with a customer you can study who was to blame for the monitoring of calls.

Improve your customer’s experience and take action

Based on the data obtained with the monitoring of calls you can train in a more deep way your employees and thus improve the experience of your customers, increasing their interests.

Identify areas of improvement on greetings, pitches, and objection handling. Provide real, actionable insight and quickly coach reps through their own conversations, not exercises or examples.

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