AI-powered appointment management

Automate your communication channels with conversational AI that works 24/7 to serve more patients effectively

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AI keeps you connected while lowering operational costs

Navigating the healthcare appointment process (schedule, cancel, or confirm) can be a complex part of the day-to-day life of the agents, and your users have increasingly high expectations.

They want to be able to have questions answered without dealing with long hold times or multiple transfers. Vozy omnichannel self-service solution powered by AI is able to automate the appointment management through a variety of channels without the high costs of human agents.

Reduce missed appointments, increases patient satisfaction, and lower costs.

With appointment automation you get

More scheduled appointments 

Increase the attendance rate and have more control over the appointments so that your patients and team are always at ease. When possible users can contact you in a simple way and when it is more convenient for them, you achieve more recurring patients.

24/7 assistance

Continue to take calls from all patients at times that are more convinient to them, even after work hours. Our conversational AI helps to relieved customer service channels scheduling appointments, solving doubts and, saving time and attending more patients at a lower cost.

Reduce patient absenteeism

Speed, precision, and sensitivity in communication with patients are crucial for a good user experience. With Vozy conversational AI you can remind patients of upcoming appointments and confirm their attendance via call and WhatsApp.

With a simple YES or NO from the users, your agenda will always be up to date.

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