The pace of change continues to accelerate in all spheres of society, especially in the business sphere, Latin Americans continue to emphasize the revolutionary character that resists backwardness and economic stagnation.


The last year served us to gain momentum towards the expansion and reinvention of companies, the lessons learned puts us in front of the creation of new alternatives such as conversational AI, to meet new challenges based on the high expectations of users.

This is how the passage of time and crisis (especially the latter), has led to the creation of a solution that helps companies face those challenges of digital transformation through automation. Being able to scale and enhance the user experience, is key, as we demonstrate with our ability to respond before the COVID-19.


During the pandemic, Vozy has achieved a 600% increase in its services, with Colombia being the country with the highest growth, particularly in the health and financial industries.


Hand in hand with growth in terms of solutions, we nurture our DNA with the main component, our human team. COVID-19 made available to brands a quantity of data that needs to be addressed, from the generation of easily accessible products and services with a high level of security. For that, we have been committed to recruiting expert human capital to guarantee the success and correct implementation of our solutions.


With an unprecedented level of innovation, for us, the novelty is no longer in the ability of a bot to learn and transform data into personalized experiences, but in the ability to adapt digital strategies to the needs of the consumer in the new era. You can see more of this in our 5 Conversational AI Trends That Will Mark Lucrative Experiences During 2021.


That is why, at Vozy, we assume the leadership of The Voice Revolution in the region. We create new solutions, with a growth vision and involving voice assistants to improve productivity is our aim. Being possible thanks to biometric alternatives for recognition along with data protection that, in turn, will add an extra layer of security to each digital experience and will automatically transform the service provided by each business model, focusing it on specific needs.


Thanks to our research, implementation, and development processes, our clients will be able to incorporate new solutions that are not only limited to automation but also add value to the strategic extraction of data that arises from each conversation through speech analytics. Identify unique Voice patterns to provide security and personalization will add valuable relationships with Voice Biometrics; and, on top of that, they will have the adaptation of Lili Assistant to finance and health industries.


All these reasons make us the integral provider, capable of attacking different points of a highly automated, intelligent, secure, and available service strategy for any kind of industry. All this backed by the opinion of our clients.


This is a call to all brands to explore the need to know, listen and accompany their customers from an automated and intelligent perspective that makes their lives easier. This is the digital transformation since The Voice Revolution.

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