The testing ground for AI initiatives in finance is increasingly expanding. Fintechs are gaining more relevance in the digital transformation processes of the sector.


In Latin America, Colombia is the third country in the region with the highest growth in the fintech market, Brazil and Mexico comes first, (Colombia is the 14th nation in the world). It is important to focus attention on the tech advances that are leading the way towards the development of AI-powered solutions, available to more people.

Finnovista showed in its most recent report that loans lead the offer with a participation of 25%, followed by payments and remittances with 22%, and business technologies for Financial Institutions with 14%.


At Vozy, we talked with a Fintech in Colombia, to know how voice technology helps the FINTECH ecosystem to advance in innovation issues. As a result, we created the webinar “How voice technologies drive the fintech growth” which is part of the series: The Voice Revolution.

In this first webinar, Erik Rincón Cárdenas, President of Colombia Fintech, will talk about new forms of innovation focused on the financial needs presented by new consumers. Likewise, we will look at the challenges that will shape the near future of Fintech and the strengths that voice assistants and conversational AI have to respond to demand.

Ethics, inclusion, digital culture, and the behavior patterns that statistics begin to show will be some of the key terms in the conversation on February 18 at 11 am COL between Juliana Corcho, Marketing Manager of Vozy, and Erik Rincón Cárdenas.

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