We Are Vozy

Our mission is to transform the way companies interact with customers using Voice Assistants and conversational AI
At Vozy, we think about Voice AI as a revolutionary tool that makes business communication more efficient. Vozy solutions bring simplicity to communication channels, making it easier for people to do more business with companies.
Everything we do is focused on transforming interactions to create better customer engagement while reducing costs.

Our story

In 2016, the transformation of the business communication system became a personal challenge. That’s how Vozy was born, a Colombian company that created a voice AI platform that helps organizations to transform the way they interact with their customers through Voice assistants and conversational AI.

That’s why we decided to make available to multinationals, small and medium- business an easy, flexible and affordable communication system that evolves their most valuable relationships and expands their impact and competitiveness in the market.

Since 2018, we became the first company in Latin America that powers neuronal text-to-speech technologies in Spanish with more than 8 different accents from the region, getting Lili, our Voice virtual assistant, to have more fluid conversations and thus boost customer experiences.

Looking forward to future challenges, we created our most recent Vozy’s developments: speech analytics and voice biometrics, useful to help human agents to have more fluid interactions, and offer cybersecurity options to customers.

Our journey has led us to understand that every conversation is important and it can be an opportunity for success, that the voice is capable of making life easier for human beings and that a good experience can change the course of a business forever.

Vozy is a leader in Conversational AI, that enriches the Customer Service Experience. Our Voice AI platform was designed to improve people’s performance. We provide sophisticated solutions to optimize customer interactions and drive real

productivity for enterprises. We are committed to contribute our capabilities to participate in the digital transformation of companies in the region. We invite you to be part of the change.

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