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About Us

Since 2011, we started with our proposed of business communications services in the cloud breaking paradigms on how to manage telephone systems of many companies that were stuck in the old equipment pbx and generating a complex management to be thinking about maintenance and migrations were losing business focus. Finding in cloud telephony a very important tool that allows release teams to focus on what's really important in every business.

In the same way, our proposal is very attractive and well accepted in small companies that need to organize their internal communications and have the opportunity to start a service without acquiring and directly manage a PBX, allowing you to show in a modern way and sound in the same way that large companies, which still generated a very satisfying feeling for all companies who want to be more competitive.

For decades have a PBX system was very expensive, limited and exclusive to large companies that were able to purchase it alone, so our mission is to continue supporting many companies to be more competitive and which may easily reach other places to offer their services with quality and flexible system to enable them grow rapidly.