Cloud Phone Numbers Can Improve Your Business

Cloud Phone Numbers Can Improve Your Business

How Cloud Phone Numbers Can be Beneficial to your Company  

Dynamic businesses need dynamic communications. That’s why Cloud communication is extremely important to a modern and successful company. With that being noted, within cloud computing, the magic of the program includes the international outgoing numbers. Similarly, within a VoIP system or cloud telephony, there is an international number that can bring many benefits.

How will using a Cloud Phone Number Increase Customer Satisfaction?

Using a cloud phone number can increase customer satisfaction by using the same number as their origin. As a result, this builds trust. For example, using a United States number for an American customer can build that trust knowing the company is internationally located.
With the help of a CRM integration such as Hubspot, you are able to connect your customer data after using a cloud telephony system. Therefore, the customer is able to get a great connection and you are able to continue to collect data without the physical effort.
Alongside customer relationship management (CRM), the trust between an employee and a customer is increased when contacting using their area code. A U.S. number is most intriguing to U.S. citizens, not U.K. or anywhere else.
So this is one of the best options for startup companies. Cloud telephony with global numbers gives you the opportunity to access high-class technology. This allows faster access for a cheaper price.

The Risk:

Fortunately, there is not a lot of risks. With the low cost system, cloud communication is the new way to communicate and it is easy to have a risk free trial. Also there is no errors or mistakes when starting a cloud phone number unlike IT’s physically installing hardware. There is less room for error. Switching to the cloud will benefit your business not hurt it.

How to Improve Call Center by Switching to the Cloud

Improve Your Call Center Experience for More Business Results

Call centers play a vital role in determining the business efficiency, improved conversions and higher customers satisfaction rate. For call center to perform at par excellence rate, it becomes more than necessary for them to deliver amazing customer service. It becomes highly imperative for call centers to uplift the motivation level of agents to achieve the desired goals.
With success rate in a conversation comes with successful communication. This starts to become harder when your company is growing but your resources are not. This may be a wake-up call to check your databases, technology, and other physical resources your company owns and uses on a daily basis. The “cloud” is now the way to go as their is a high demand for switching to online calling.

How can I improve my call center?

In order to improve your call center, there are a couple steps to go through…


  • Creating a seamless online and offline experience for your customer

  • Obtaining an online database to organize leads and help create more

  • Have the ability to let your calls always be recorded and be organized into one website.

  • Switch to a less-costly method of communication, which always is online calling.

When Should I Take the Next Step?

Taking the next step now is easy and efficient. Setting up a click to call widget will be very helpful while using a CRM program can start your new and efficient call center.
Read how “click to call” is revolutionary:

Switch to the Cloud for Higher Productivity |Vozy

Switch to the Cloud for Higher Productivity |Vozy

Why Should my Business Switch to VoIP?

In the 21st century, the demand to switch from traditional communication to cloud communication has been expanding for more than ten years. The affordability, efficiency, and success rate are all major factors in this change. Instead of multiple people to pick up a phone call, making the customer wait for 15 minutes to an hour on the line, the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) speeds up the process in an incredibly efficient way.
Voice over Internet Protocol (aka VoIP) can be easily explained as calls through the help of the internet. Usually, the calls are very inexpensive or even free. Therefore, so many businesses are switching over to using services including VoIP that see a higher productivity with low cost. Internet video chatting is extremely popular but even having a phone on your computer is extremely convenient for the company.

Why You Should Ditch Traditional and Switch to the Cloud

Constantly Updating the System

In the 21st century, it is necessary for your company to be up-to-date with the newest techniques for proper communication. Cloud telephony, it is automatically doing this for you. With traditional phones,  the updates are slower and sometimes an engineer or a technical person has to go to the office to help with the process. The constant hassle doing research, spending more money on telephone systems can be affecting your company’s productivity rate. So, switching to a VoIP is incredibly helpful.

Cost Benefits

As mentioned before, switching over to Cloud Communication can be incredibly helpful for a company, especially a start-up. VoIP systems are affordable even when trying to communicate internationally. From 5-10 employees to a couple hundred, using a VoIP is currently the most cost-friendly for a company.

Make Calls Anywhere

Whether you are in the office, out of the country, in your house. These calls are able to expand wherever you are. If you are interested in a home office, using cloud telephony is positive to the idea of more calls in the comfort of your home. If you are out of the country, you can still continue the process.
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