How to stay productive and be succesful in your work

Do you swear to yourself every night saying “Tomorrow, I will be very productive and get all the stuffs done?” And the next day, always find yourself not feel like working at all? Everyone wants to be productive but it is very hard to stay self-motivated every single day. If it describes you, this article will be the solution that actually works to establish your productive daily routine.


The right mindset plays a great role of establishing the productive daily habits. There are 2 major types of approaches to stay motivated, which are completely different from each other. Depending on your personality, determine which method would work more efficiently for you.

1. Give-Yourself-Rewards Approach

This is the method to motivate yourself by giving small rewards whenever you could follow your plan or achieve something. Being productive does not mean that you have to be stressed out by working after working. If you could successfully finish your job as scheduled, for example, treat yourself with your favorite snack. Scheduling small breaks periodically is also the way to reward yourself so that you can stay focused during work. By rewarding your efforts and hard work, you will be able to establish the good daily routine to stay productive.

2. Make Yourself Always Accountable

If those rewards cannot motivate you enough, this approach may be for you. In this method, you simply try to be always accountable with your work team or other communities. The community, which you are a part of, can help you go through what you are supposed to do because the accountability encourages you to work productively.


When you don’t feel like working and just want to put off the things…

Always Remember “Just Start It”

When the task is hard, has a huge responsibility, or takes a long time to finish, we all tend to put it off. However, once you start it, it is always much easier to continue working. All you need to do is just to start it. I believe most of you have felt the same way when you had to deal with some troublesome tasks. So always remember to start working, even for a few minutes will work, if you just feel like being lazy.



You might have been told this since you were in kindergarten, but I want to say it again here. Scheduling is everything about being productive. If you don’t know what you need to get done, there is no way you can stay focused or motivated. Here are some tips to follow to make the ideal plan for your work.

First, the Clear Goal & Its Deadline

First of all, you need to know the clearly defined goal, and by when you need to complete it. Find out your short-term and long-term goals, and determine the specific deadlines for those goals. The goals can be finishing a project, or boosting the sales by 10%, or anything you are intend to achieve. And always remember, the goals with specific numbers/ details will help you motivate yourself hundreds times more than the vague ones.

Know What Your Next Step to Move Forward

Once you find out the goals, calculate, from the goals, what you need to complete monthly, weekly, and daily. By knowing what you exactly need to do at this moment, you will find it much easier to stay productive. Additionally, the scheduling enables you to avoid running out of time to complete a task and missing the deadline.

Never Make a Unrealistic Plan/ Expectation

Staying productive does not mean that you have to cram your schedule with the unrealistic plans. When you have your expectation too high, you will end up overwhelmed and give up following the schedule. Try to adjust it immediately if you find out that your plan is too crammed after trying it for a few days.



The environment is more important than you may think. Of course the right mindset is the key, but the better environment you put yourself in, the easier for you to improve the productivity.

Remove All Possible Temptations from Your Working Environment

The hardest part of the self-control is to fight with the temptations. Then why not put all those distractions away from you so that you can make it easier for yourself to stay focused? If it is the social medias that district you, turn the notifications off, or hide your personal cell phone. There are many different kind of tools that can help you dealing with the temptations when you are online, which you will find later in this article.

Change the Working Environment Helps You Feel Refreshed

Besides taking a short break, there is one more thing you can do to feel refreshed and keep on working productively. It is moving to the different space/ environment during work. If you are working in the office, it can be another room, the roof top, or even in the different seat in the same room. If you have to stay at your desk to work, then try leaving your desk at least during your short break. Maybe you can go outside for a little while to get the fresh air, which will dramatically increase your productivity later on. And if you are working from home, try working in the different places sometimes; a cafe in your neighbor, a library, or a park could be the good examples.

Keep Personal & Working Environment Separated

If you are working from home, this is the essential one. There are many benefits of working outside of office, including to reduce the stress. However, you cannot stay productive when being too relaxed. To avoid that, you should separate your personal space and working space at your house. Do not ever try to work in the bed or the dining room. Find one space that you will use only for work, it could be a desk in your bedroom, the balcony, or anywhere you prefer. It will help you to shift yourself to “working mode” even if you are at home.

Background Music

Some people may prefer very quiet environment in working. For the others, if you feel tired after working for a couple of hours, the background music can actually help you feel refreshed and be productive. It is proven by a lot of researches that people will stay focused and finish a given task more quickly with the background music. The music with lyrics could be distraction sometimes, but the ones without lyrics will work perfectly.



It is not easy to avoid all the temptations, especially when you are working online. But don’t worry. As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of tools that can help you eliminate the temptations for you. Each one has unique features and characteristics. Here I will introduce some of the tools that I found interesting.

If the Social Media Has Been Bothering You…

[Focus Time] This is the app to track your activity. It will show your progress on the graph, and also remove all the social media notifications from your devices during a certain period of time.

Time Management & Productivity

[Promodoro Technique] This tool will help you not only with the productivity but also your time management. It removes the distractions, schedule short breaks, and establish the good work-life balance. With Promodoro Technique method, you will learn how to “work with time, not against it.”

If Saving the Environment in Real Life is Something Motivating You…

[Forest] Does helping the environment by focusing on your work sound interesting for you? In this app, when you stay focused for a certain period of time, the trees grow in the virtual world. And guess what? Those trees will be planted in the real world. If you are a kind of person who find motivations outside of yourself, this app may be for you.


Motivating yourself to stay productive can be very hard. But with the right approaches and helpful tools, you will soon be able to control yourself and manage your work just like all the successful people. If you have any other advice or idea, share with us in the comment below!



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How to create the best website for you business

You have been preparing to start up your own business. The products look great, your got your work team, everything is all set. Now you are ready to let the world know about your new, amazing business! But how? Creating your own website is the very first and important step to promote your product to the large group of the audience. However, there are almost 650 million active websites…Sure you don’t want to let your webpage be buried in tons of other website, but it’s not a simple work. If you want the thousands or millions accesses to your website every day, here is the solution for you. Those tips can help you to create the outstanding website that attract people and convert the potential customers, or even the random visitors, to the fans of your company.


Purchase Domain Name

Not many people pay attention to the domain name, but the successful web owners do. Your own domain name will separate your website from the personal users or the ordinary small businesses by showing the professionalism. Almost all of the successful companies have their own domain names for their websites. Obtaining your own domain name will be the first easy step toward building the professional and successful website

Choose Reliable Host

There are so many, too many, options for the platforms. It is important to choose the reliable one for your company. Carefully compare the cost and their options; the more customizable options it has, the better your website will be. There are some free themes/ platforms, but do not choose to go cheap if you want your company to grow large in the future. If you want to compare the providers, here are the useful list of top 15 WordPress hosting, and its price.

Make Full Use of “Calls to Action”

Think about what you want people to do while they are on your website. Make a subscription for your channel? Or try your product? Utilize the Calls to Action, and tell them loud. The effective Calls to Action require some techniques. To learn some tips, check these 31 hacks you can use to create the Calls to Action that people cannot help clicking.



What is the Purpose/ Goal of the Website?

When thinking about the web content, first ask yourself “What is the purpose of creating the website?” Without the defined goal or the purpose, you cannot efficiently structure your website. Based on the purpose, you will decide the website hierarchy; what content should be on the main page, how many different pages you need, and so on.

The Content Creation is the Key

Even if you decided to hire an editor for your website, you have to complete the content creation by yourself. Because you are the only person who knows what the company’s goal, and what the message to the customers would be. So the content creation must be done by nobody else but you. Not confident about it? Don’t worry, you will find some helpful tips as you continue reading this article.

Content must be Concise!

Do you know, on average, how long each person stays in your website? No more than 59 seconds, or the others estimate it even less. That means you need to make a point, and get people’s attention within 59 seconds. List the essential points that you definitely want people to know, and also take advantage of the Calls to Action, which always draw their attentions visually.

Make People Feel Connected.

Build the personal connection between the visitors and your company. It is one of the most effective ways when converting the visitors of your website to the actual customers. But how can you make the special connection that appeals to the visitors? There are two easy tricks that anyone can do to achieve this. The first tip is to put the photo of you, or your team members, on the website. People are tend to find the company trustworthy when they can see its founders or employees. The other strategy is to tell your own story; for instance, why you decided to start your business, and what you desire to achieve through your business. It can make the visitors more comfortable about your company, and they feel close to you and your product.

Tell What You Can Do for Them

Many people often miss this point, but this is one of the most important things to know. When you create the content, make sure that you are telling the potential customers what they can get from you; in other words, what benefits they can expect from you. Did you find it ordinary advice? If you have already written the content, I want you to review it once again. Because many people finish up their web content with just telling what their companies do. What your company does, and what benefits to the customers are not always equal. That is not enough for the website to convert the visitors to the customers. As mentioned earlier, you have to make the clear points, and persuade people to be your customers within 59 seconds. So put yourself into the customers’ place, and consider what kind of content would appeal to you.



Learn from Other Websites & Pre-made Themes

Not everyone has enough budget to hire a web designer. But you can still learn from others’ work. There are millions of websites on the internet. Try to find the ones inspiring you, and learn from them. Or you can even purchase the pre-made themes, which will enable you to create a great website with much cheaper price than hiring a designer. Utilize the available sources to make your website look catchy and attractive. 

Do Not Hesitate to Make a Small Investment

I know you want to save some money. Everybody does. But be willing to make a little investment for your website. The website is a face of your company, and not a few people get the first impression of your company from it. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that your website has the best and professional look. When you choose the platform, theme, or the image, don’t be reluctant to spend a small extra money for the better quality. Those costs will not be the huge amount, and I can assure you that it will bring you the great payoffs.

Visual Images Make the Stronger Impressions

Imagine how all-text website would look like…Horrible, right? The visual images are the key to get people’s attention, and make them stay on your website. Again, make a little spending to find the great value of the image. Do not use the cheap, crappy photos. It will ruin your website and make it look unprofessional.

Your website will be the face of your company; many people will visit your website before knowing about your company at all. So it is crucial to ensure that everything is organized, and that it will give the impression as you intend to. But also remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect from the beginning. You can always make changes later according to the visitor’s responses. Learn as you go, and try many things so that you can improve your website for the further success.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think!



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