More and more companies are turning to cloud phone systems (Virtual PBX). It is no secret that cloud based services are popular with small businesses, offering hassle free services for entrepreneurs who want to focus on their own areas of expertise. But the new range of virtual PBX systems goes even further – helping companies to save money, expand and grow.
Read on to find out how.

Low start-up costs

A cloud phone system eliminates the need for expensive and bulky PBX telephone networks. Certainly, business owners need to keep overheads low where possible, and virtual PBX is a great way to install a professional phone system at a budget-friendly price.

Added features

By choosing a versatile supplier, you can customise and grow your cloud phone system over time. Add an auto attendant message to greet customers and direct their calls. Likewise, audio conferencing and call recording features are also available, making it easier for small companies to do business with the widest range of clients.

Start small, grow big

There are a range of different monthly packages available, so you can start with a basic subscription and upgrade your service as your business grows. Unlike physical PBX systems, changes can be made almost instantaneously, so you don’t have to wait around for new equipment to be delivered and installed.

Off-site management

With a cloud phone system, all your communication needs are met off-site. This means that you can easily link up with a network of freelancers, or employees based in other parts of the country. Flexible working hours now becoming the norm, virtual telecommunications systems can help your company stay connected wherever you are.

Get an international presence

Virtual PBX can serve offices in any part of the world, generating new telephone numbers to match. Small businesses can start to build an international presence by acquiring overseas phone numbers, or even toll free numbers in other countries, without having to have a physical presence there.

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